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After hearing about the massacre of 20 children and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on Dec 14.  People are talking about it every day. They are Angry, Sad, Concerned, Heartbroken, Inspired. Have Hope and Love, for the families and people that it effected.

I felt like I had to do something so that’s how I showed up with my idea of using the Canada flag to ask everyone to sign it. I will be sending off the Canadian flag with signatures of fellow Canadians to pay respect for those victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School and the communities of Newtown and Connecticut. 

My cousin, Kyra, and aunt Bev taking their time to sign the flag…

Kyra is thinking….

The Mississauga News heard my story, and decided to interview and take a few pictures of me…

The Photo Zone : 

I like the second picture - I may be biased. :)

The full story on my project :—sandy-hook-student-sends-messages-of-support-on-canadian-flag

I would like to point that this flag represents everyone in Canada who were unable to sign it.

Thank you so much..

As you may know that I am back to school to get more education this year. I am now studying in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Sheridan College in Oakville.  I am enjoying my program so far, and there are some thing I like and dislike about it but  all I have is studying hard and do not let anything to stop me.

As I am in my program, I am lucky enough to find out that I have another Deaf classmate, Amanda Grundy, in my program. I have known her from the elementary and high school but she is a few years younger than me. It is really nice having her in my program because we both feel we understand and support each other easier than dealing with the classmates who knows nothing about Deaf culture or sign languages but I think they have been learning about it everyday as they are watching us working hard like them too.

Anyways, Amanda and I had the sales presentation where we had to pitch our classmates to buy the products/service which is the H&M. We had to design the retail flyer so I was the photographer and hired a few models to help our project. Amanda designed the flyers. As you can see in one of the flyers, I was the model — I was forced to be a model for Amanda’s sake. We are lucky to have the models helping us, and not to mention they are Deaf so it makes our life easier to communicate with them during our process of the project. :)

Hope you like our flyers and let me know what you think!

Enjoying my last summer with my friends before we start our college lives, at Canadian National Exhibition 2012 in Toronto.

Congratulation to the Loyalist College Photojournalism Class of 2012!

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Right before I graduated from the program, I was required to complete three or four weeks internship relating to my program.  I landed on an internship with Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines. Both are under the same ownership which is Rogers Publishing Limited, a division of Rogers Communications in Toronto.

I was relieved and happy that the photo editor for both Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines, had no problem in welcoming me to join her for the internship.  During my experience with them, I learned how to work and communicate with those who were not skilled in ASL. We were able to communicate by writing on paper, typing the notes on the mac or emailing to each other on the same floor which is easier for us. This internship gave me the rich experience to  prove to myself that I was able to work with the hearing world. 

My role there was the photo researcher where I had to look for the pictures (editorial or stock) from the wire agency  ( stocky agency) to match for the articles/features or stories that would be published in the magazines.  I also went to the photography scene where they hired professional photographer to shoot the models/products for the magazines. This experience opened my eyes to watch how they worked together and it helped me to understand if I really wanted to work in this field of my career.  I also was asked to shoot some pictures for the products and a model for the magazines as well. It was really a fun experience.

Here are some pictures of my works published in the magazines.

Canadian Business - May 14, 2012

Yes, I was asked to be a model for this article. HA HA

MoneySense - June 2012

As of right now, I am unemployed but having the experience with Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines have opened my eyes. So I have decided to go back to school (after unsuccessful jobs hunt). Yes, I just applied to some colleges  VERY LATE - I would say around in late July after my experience at Canadian Deaf Youth Leadership Camp. And I got accepted by Sheridan College in Oakville for Advertising  and Marketing Communication. I start next Tuesday. I know this program will gain me experience for myself and my resume as well - to find a good job upon graduation.

I know it seems like it has been forever that I have to update my blog. I have been busy with my life after recently graduating from Loyalist College.  I had a long journey but GREAT experience while attending college in Belleville where I received my diploma in Photojournalism. 

As I start my end of summer blog, I would like to share you some of my journey during this summer 2012.

Before I share my life, I would like to post some pictures of my college friends and photojournalism classmates/friends where I graduated in June.

As you can see, most of us decided not to use the professional photographer for the graduation pictures that the school had hired. We decided to save a lot of money by using our camera and to take pictures of each other at our school studio for FREE. That means, we could do anything and spent good times together while taking the pictures of each other compared to the professional photographer who would shoot like 10 pictures (that limited our fun experience) where we had to sit and give the perfect poses. On our own, we could do anything in the studio such as jumping, silly expression, creative poses or you name it!

Here are some funny pictures of my friends and myself.

……. As you can see, we are very excited to know we have accomplished our goal because we have been supporting each other through two years of the program. And most of us are already starting our lives by getting a new job, relocating to start new lives or even returning to school to add to our educational experience.

For me, I am happy to have had them in my life during the college. They are the ones who encouraged me to stay who I am. They R.E.S.P.E.C.T  who I am. That’s why our friendship is still going strong.  We still keep in touch via Facebook, text message or even Twitter.  We had our mini reunion recently in Toronto so I am hoping to see them soon again!